Are you a high level dignitary? How about a global leader in business, sports or entertainment? If you self-identify with any of those titles you’re most likely flying around in one of the most expensive private jets in the world. Although I’m bias towards all Bombardier products, you can’t go wrong with a Gulfstream. Even if you’re a professional pop star that needs to fly home from Hong Kong after you blew the socks off of everyone in the AsiaWorld-Expo Arena or a certain well known business man flying back from Davos after explaining why everyone in the world should care about colonizing Mars, you’re going to need to ride in style.


Bombardier Global Express 8000

With plenty of room for you and 16 of your closest associates this stylish business tool will set you back $71 million. I know what you’re thinking. A drop in the bucket compared to the value you’re getting back. This is the farthest flying private jet ever conceived. If you only fly private, it might as well be on the most comfortable aircraft built by man. This private jet is so big it has dedicated crew rest area so you can squirrel away extra pilots to relieve the other two when they get tired. Still not impressed? Did you notice the shower? YES you can equip your Global Express with a SHOWER if you have enough money. Just in case you need to give the kids a quick wipe down after baseball practice you won’t need to waste any time going home first.


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Gulfstream G650

You can’t go wrong with American ingenuity. This aircraft is all American with refined state side luxuries. You don’t like that gross pre-breathed airliner air? The Gulfstream G650 replenishes the entire cabin’s air supply every 2 minutes! Having a slumber party during your 15 hour flight? No problem, the G650 sleeps up to 10 people. Probably more if you forced the kids to share. It’s not uncommon to see this aircraft outfitted with 19 VIP seats while you’re hurdling towards your destination at nearly the speed of sound. Really! The G650’s max operating speed is 0.925 MACH. Not too shabby for a mere $65 million, making it the biggest, fastest and overall best jet money can buy. For now, the Gulfstream G650 is the gold standard in ultra-long range business jets.

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