There are a lot of private jets based in Los Angeles available for charter. Some, private jets are more luxurious. Other turbo prop aircraft offer economy and ruggedness. The perfect combination for your big golf trip. We aren’t chartering these airplanes to save money. We want the perfect aircraft to save us time, hassle and stress. Which private jet is best for you?

  1. Global Express
    A hugely capable aircraft with a customizable cabin, the newest series of the Global Express is your personal airliner. With a 7,900 nautical mile range you can connect from Los Angeles to Hong Kong or New Delhi to New York. Wherever you keep your pied-à-terre, only the elite families of the world will travel on a Global Express. It’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s favorite airframe for a reason. Feel free to bring a football to toss around during the flight. The hourly charter price is about $16,000 per hour of use.
  2. Challenger 604
    If you need intercontinental range and the space to stay connected to the world via Wi-Fi, no other Large Cabin Private Jet is needed. The cost to Charter a Challenger 604 is reasonable as far as private jets go. If you’re Kim Kardashian, chartering this plane from LA to New York or London to Dubai is standard practice. But don’t be shy. If you only fly in large cabin aircraft the Challenger 604 isn’t a bad way to fly an hour up north to visit your favorite farmers market in Monterey CA. Expect to pay about $11,000 per hour of use for this private jet charter.
  3. Lear Jet 75
    The Lear Jet 75 is the largest of the light jets. Although you don’t charter a light jet for the cabin size, you can still appreciate having enough room for 9 passengers or all your dogs. Light jets are notorious for not feeling luxurious. Not true for the Lear Jet 75. Besides its blistering speed this business jet still offers Wi-Fi, a full galley and enough room for 6 sets of golf clubs. Not to mention you’ll get there in half the time of the smaller and slower light jets like the Citation CJ3+. Although more expensive to charter than all the other light jets, the extra speed, safety and luxury are worth the $6,400 per hour price.
  4. King Air 350

The workhorse of the American made private jets. Nobody has delivered more aircraft than the King Air series. Calling this private aircraft successful is an understatement. With over 9000 delivered worldwide the King Air is known for ruggedness, reliability and economy. The turbo props on the outside of this aircraft make the aircraft slow, but fuel efficient and short airfield capable. It’s not uncommon to fit 9 full size men and their golf bags for a weekend golf adventure. You can’t do that on a light jet. This airplane has enough room for your family, the kids and the Au pair. Lots of baggage? The King Air has you covered. From skis, snowboards, golf clubs or shotguns, if you can get the door closed this private aircraft can haul it. And all for a thrifty $4,200 per hour.

  1. Pilatus PC12
    The Swiss aren’t just good at designing watches. They put their craftsmanship to good use designing this single engine turbo prop that dominates the boutique aircraft charter market. Not as large as the King Air 350, you can still fit 6-8 passengers and land in a remote area in the Swiss Alps or on your vineyard in Napa. Pack all your gear, the kids and the dogs. The PC12 is most commonly chartered for out of the way hideouts within 2 hours of your departure. With an enclosed bathroom just for good measure it makes a lot of sense to spend an extra $3,600 per hour to make your travel that much less stressful. Don’t forget, we aren’t chartering an airplane to save money.

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