About the Aircraft

A larger version of the King Air 200, the King 350 is a twin-engine turboprop with a stretched fuselage that allows for up to eight passengers in two-club configuration.


The King 350 has winglets added to the wingtips to increase the aircraft’s range and performance. This aircraft can handle journeys of up to 14,000 non-stop nautical miles with a full load of eight passengers on board. The King 350 has a maximum cruise speed of 352 mph and a range of 2,078 miles, giving you the optimal performance you can find from a turboprop.

The King 350 is able to take off from shorter runways without issue even with an impressive payload capacity of 2,545 lbs.

Interior Feature

As for the interior features, you’ll be sitting comfortably in the lap of luxury inside this stunning aircraft. You’ll kick back in club seats, marvel at the laminated cabinets, kick off your shoes to feel the wool carpet, and operate the electronic shutters at the push of a button. The aircraft comes with a private bathroom and standard WiFi capability.

Ready for unparalleled levels of comfort and convenience? How about a modular refreshments center, a forward flat-screen, and adjustable cabin pressure. Upgraded models come with even more features, including a full onboard entertainment system. There is even enough onboard storage space to stow your golf bags in wing lockers, enabling you to land and hit the links right away.

Every King Air 350 is fitted with the Pro Line 21™ Integrated Avionics System to give you the maximum capabilities and situational awareness while in flight. You’ll be able to see where you are at all times and read various information regarding your flight on LCD displays, offering passengers state-of-the-art functionality.

Your Office in the Sky

Need to get away quickly for a business trip? The King Air 350 the world’s most popular business turboprop, perfect for your work-while-you-fly needs, with built-in hideaway executive work tables, electric outlets at every seat, and LED reading and table lights so you can work well into the wee hours of the night should duty call. Worried about the prop noise? The King Air 350 comes with built-in vibration absorbers that dull outside noise and provide a quieter-than-usual interior, giving you an unparalleled work environment in the sky.

King Air 350 – A More Sustainable Choice

For those travelers looking to reduce their carbon footprint, the Beechcraft King Air 350 is unmatched when it comes to fuel efficiency. This gives socially-conscious passengers greater peace of mind and a low operating cost per seat mile. It’s one of the most sustainable options you’ll find for charter air travel.


Passengers: 9

Cruise speed: 352 mph

Cabin length: 16’4”

Cabin width: 4’5”

Cabin height: 4’9”

Luggage space: 72 cu. Ft.

Range: 2,078 mi






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